Why Panama

Panama continues to experience growth and prosperity offering a safe and low cost of living and voted top five places to retire in the world.

Cultural diversity, natural beauty and modern city.

Direct flights offered by international airlines to Panama’s national airport, Tocumen.

Currency is the US Dollar.

Banking offers over 100 World banks.

Government is considered most stable government in all of Central and South America.

Economy considered most stable, prosperous and advanced in all of Central and South America.

Panama Canal a 7th. wonder that adds to the economic foundation with over $1 billion annual revenue.

Duty Free Zone World’s second largest after Hong Kong handling billions in annual imports and exports.

Panama city’s Skyline 173 sky scrapers, 432 high rises with many more in the planing.

Metro system $1.5 billion project completed in Panama city and expanding.

Hurricane free Panama enjoys a tropical climate without worrying about hurricanes.

Communications systems and infrastructure are equivalent to first world countries.

Hospitals offer world class facilities like the John Hopkins Hospital, the Punta Paitilla Hospital, Hospital National to name a few.

Safety can be enjoyed when traveling or living in this beautiful, divers country.

Language is Spanish, however, English is the second most spoken language.

Geographic location Panama is the ‘cross oceans’ of the World, with Asia to the West  Europe to the East and the apex between North and South America