Why Bocas

It is difficult to express in a few words the feeling when visiting the Bocas del Toro archipelago. Only a few places around the world capture the particular atmosphere Bocas has–seductive, primitive and unforgettable.  The islands captivates its visitors with its biodiversity, and ancient customs: it is a true biological fantasy.

Now is an time moment to visit Bocas. It is a unique place to find yourself; its lush tropical vegetation, fauna only found in this part of the world, opportunities for diving and snorkeling in the unbeatable Caribbean sea, the possibilities and opportunities for an amazing experience unbound. The diverse residents live in harmony with indigenous.

The Bocas del Toro Islands are steeped in wonderful history dating back to Christopher Columbus’s explorations, the pirating days of Captain Morgan and the like. The islands are named after Christopher Columbus with the port of Almirante, Admiral. The island of Cristobal, Christopher. The main island of Colon, Columbus.

The island of Bastimentos is where Columbus found his food. Isla Carenero, Careening Key was named because Columbus careened his boats in the bay, where only a few feet difference in the tide on any given day, making it possible to replace the wooden planks of the hull.  It is also said that Captain Morgan lived on Isla Carenero for several years.