Finca Poderosa

  • Location- Middle of Isla Colon on the road to Bocas del Drago
  • Type- R.O.P. documents (Right Of Possession)
  • Size – 147 Hectares or 367 Acres. ┬áBeachfront
  • Waterfront 500 meters – Road front 1 Kilometer.
  • Electric- Soon to pass by along the road.

Finca Poderosa is the best cattle farm in the archipelago. The property stretches from the Bocas del Drago road all the way down, in almost a rectangular shape, to the waters edge. There are multiple streams that flow through the property, throughout the year and the property was 95% stripped of all trees back in the ’70′s to make way for a cattle farm. The property requires no earth moving to build an organic golf course, which was my dream…..

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